Creatin’ Bacon

Nothing brings the people of America together like some good ol’ bacon.  Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor puts on Camp Bacon, an event that brings together foodies and fatties to discuss, taste, and salivate over their favorite piece of meat.  It’s also an awesome local event put on by a great local Ann Arbor based company that is dedicated to the providing the highest quality food and service.

Companies from all over came to show their bacon makin’ skills, and one of these businesses was one of our partners!  Arbor Haven Foods is a new startup in Michigan that makes high-quality, great tasting, gluten free baked goods.  Seriously, their chocolate chip cookies rival Betty Crocker’s and Mrs. Field’s. Probably your mother’s cookies, too.

Of course, being the foodies that we are, we were super excited to work with the young entrepreneurs at Arbor Haven Foods.  It’s a sweet deal, they bring us cookies, we give them logos.  Camp Bacon was their first big public event as a company and they used it as an opportunity to present themselves to the public, and to ask the public how they should do so. They made some great gluten-free pancakes and crepes (with bacon and nutella)!  After weeks of working on a logo the Wedgies and Arbor Haven have come down to 3 final designs, and Camp Bacon is where the public was able to vote on the one that they liked the best.

Naturally we had to be there to help with this voting process-it was a great opportunity to see and hear people’s thoughts about the designs.  Oh, and did we mention there was bacon?  Customer discovery is a big part of the lean startup model that is used in the tech industry, and with Arbor Haven we tested it out on design.  Initial results were interesting, but it will be more interesting to see how the customer input impacts the design and business long term.

It’d also be interesting to understand how bacon overdose impacts decision-making.

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