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Untitled Bottega Campus Cleanup

Campus Cleanup

  Wedge is working with our good friends over at the Untitled Bottega on a big project that we’ll be premiering soon. Think arts, performance, community. ┬áNeedless to say we need to clear up the area in anticipation. There’s a lot of cleanup to accomplish, so we’ll need all of you to make it happen. Read More

Campus Cleanup Roundup

Bottega Cleanup

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who came out and helped clean up the Untitled Campus. With your help, we made a huge dent in cleaning up the buildings; it couldn’t have been done without you.

Hopscotch in Seattle!

Practice Day for Hopscotch CD

Who says chalk is temporary? A group of changemakers in Seattle, Washington are embarking on their very own Hopscotch adventure, inspired by Hopscotch Detroit.