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Borrowed Blog: How to Make a Website for Marketers

Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers, bloggers, amongst others. He has a lot of great things to say that I think everyone should know about. Here I am, spreading the knowledge to the world. The following entry is specifically about website creation, and how important it is that your website is well designed Read More

Wedge X


The Gem Theatre in Detroit is just as it sounds – a little Gem. It’s quaint, intimate, and authentically wise. A venue where you can imagine long ball gowns amongst sports jackets and cigars. Where a show either led into great conversation, or an evening of dancing. Absolutely perfect for a TEDx event. Wedge was Read More



We had the pleasure to work with the new social textbook marketplace, Booklify. The startup, a brainchild of recent MSU grads Darin Gross and Kyle Pollak, allows users to list, sell and buy textbooks right on their mobile phones. As someone who recently had to go through the trouble and challenge of buying and selling Read More

Creatin’ Bacon

2012-06-03 11.18.32

Nothing brings the people of America together like some good ol’ bacon. ¬†Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor puts on Camp Bacon, an event that brings together foodies and fatties to discuss, taste, and salivate over their favorite piece of meat. ¬†It’s also an awesome local event put on by a great local Ann Arbor based company Read More