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Where did all of the hardware stores go?

Where did all of the hardware stores go?

There’s a lot of exciting news in the world of business and retail here in Detroit this summer. We have two new grocery stores in midtown. We’ve got a slice of the new American manufacturing right over on Canfield. And even three exciting popup programs (notably, two of which are outside of the 7.2 sq mile downtown zone). It’s definitely a summer of progress.



Last fall we broke a world record.  We brought a lot of people in the community together, created a fun and awesome project in Detroit for people to talk about, and had a blast doing it.  Perhaps most importantly, though, is that the record beaten was previously held be those who live on the other Read More

Borrowed Blog: How to Make a Website for Marketers

Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers, bloggers, amongst others. He has a lot of great things to say that I think everyone should know about. Here I am, spreading the knowledge to the world. The following entry is specifically about website creation, and how important it is that your website is well designed Read More