Untitled Bottega Campus Cleanup

Campus Cleanup


Wedge is working with our good friends over at the Untitled Bottega on a big project that we’ll be premiering soon. Think arts, performance, community.  Needless to say we need to clear up the area in anticipation. There’s a lot of cleanup to accomplish, so we’ll need all of you to make it happen.


July 27th, 9am

314 E Baltimore St. Detroit, Mi 48202  

If you’re interested, sign up on the facebook event.

Things to bring:
Work Clothes
Gloves if you got them
Water Bottles

We’re also on the hunt for:
Lawn Mower
Weed Wacker
Leaf Blower
Brush Bags
Hedge Clippers
Chainsaw (and Hard Hat)
Face Masks

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