Cinco! Brawl For It All

The Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program is an after-school program that focuses on three core areas of focus: Physical Training, Academic Services. Community Service. The gym has become a centerpoint for this community, providing a safe place for kids to go after school, and building their pride and self-confidence along the way. The gym also happens to be one of the best in the country, with many of their boxers making state and national championships!

We came back in May for a second boxing fundraiser event, this time a Cinco de Mayo themed brawl in Shed 3 at Eastern Market. We made a poster and event graphics for the amazing event. We looked at both floral inspiration as well as visual styles from Lucha Libre posters and artwork to inspire a set of exciting posters to make the event stand out.

See our flyers for the first Downtown Boxing Gym fundraiser

cinco poster



Eastern Market Shed 3

Dodging Punches at Cinco!

Boxing Match at Cinco!


Rose at Cinco!