Osborn Neighborhood Alliance

The Osborn Neighborhood Alliance (ONA) advocates, builds capacity, and works as a partner with residents to make Osborn a community of choice. Established in 2006 under the Skillman Good Neighborhoods Initiative, ONA works within the Osborn community on the northeast side of Detroit.¬†ONA’s mission is for families to have all their resources and support necessary to make their children successful in life.

We’ve always been a big supporter of ONA after meeting Wayne Ramocan as part of our preparation for Hopscotch Detroit. Recently, ONA launched their “Live in Osborn” initiative, a hyperlocal program to promote Osborn as a community of choice. We worked with them to make a new logo for ONA and build out a website to act as their home for news and articles for Osborn.

Visit the website here: Live in Osborn

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