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Hopscotch in Seattle!

Practice Day for Hopscotch CD

Who says chalk is temporary? A group of changemakers in Seattle, Washington are embarking on their very own Hopscotch adventure, inspired by Hopscotch Detroit.

Big Idea Saturdays: Design is a Process

3-Design is a Process

I think the most common question I get asked is “What do you do?” A rather good question, in fact. Often design is defined by its outputs: things like products, furniture, logos, or websites. There are certainly designers who specialize in particular outputs, so it becomes easy to think of design as a field that Read More

Improv and Creativity

Here at Wedge we like to work with others. Actually, this is when we have our most creative moments-with groups of people brainstorming ideas, playing out scenarios. To be honest, sometimes we suggest a problem and brainstorm solutions simply for fun. Quickly coming up with ideas, building off of others, trying to not laugh when Read More