Discovering the true value we offer

We had initially believed that people would find value in Wedge Detroit because we are aiming to do social design projects in the city, that will help revitalize the comunity that they want to be successful in.  After presenting this to the Techarbians we heard that for a startup-this does not have as much value as good design itself.  People wanted to see our work, this is where they will most likely find the initial value.  If they have never worked with designers before (which most people haven’t) then the way that we work and what the implications of us getting work are, is not as important as the output itself.

Even though we like to work in a creative, collaborative way, it doesn’t mean that everybody knows what the advantage of doing this is.  Let’s test whether or not people actually want to be a part of the design process.  If they just want to give a list of demands and we execute on those, then fine.  But there are a lot of studies and a lot of business models that prove that transparency and collaboration are the most effective ways to work with people.

It’s important to remember, too, that the tech startups are most likely not going to be local.  They will be looking to have a national, or even global, following and will need designs that communicate that message.  They may be based in Detroit, but it could their dreams and vision may not be confined to this city.  I think we need to remember this.  Great design is going to help grow these businesses, and if they grow in the city and bring more and more business there then maybe there could be a change in the city.

The only way we are going to validate our values is if we get out there and start working with people. Both in Detroit and Ann Arbor, even with individuals in these areas.

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