Wedge is a Verb

You may have not heard from us in a bit, but rest assured, Wedge is moving. Like most fledgeling organizations, we’re going through a lot of self-investigations and growth spurts. Here are a few recent highlights:

(Photo Credit Curbed Detroit)

Detroit Creative Corridor Center

This January, Wedge joined the DC3’s Creative Venture program as their first subscribing member. We’re working in a great space with a bunch of really creative people and companies like WillDO Design, CoG Studios, Leftbank creative, Peter Thompson designs, Detroit Lives!, and more. We’ve just gotten here and we can’t wait to get to know our neighbors better.


D:Hive Build Class Workshops

Wedge is going to be teaching two workshops for D:Hive’s Build class this week. We’ll be talking about the importance of the design process and branding to a group of growing businesses here in the city. We’ll be sure to upload a presentation afterwards, too.

Website Relaunch

If you’re reading this, you probably have noticed that we have a new website. We’ll be updating a lot more often and also updating you on new wedge developments and opportunities for engagement.

Events, Brainstorms, and Office Hours

We’ve got some great ideas that we’d like to share, and we know that you have a bunch of great ideas, too. We’ll be posting some weekly brainstorming and conversation hours that are completely and totally open to the public. You are encouraged to come and share your opinions, ideas, and thoughts. We want to hear them!


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