Wedge X

The Gem Theatre in Detroit is just as it sounds – a little Gem. It’s quaint, intimate, and authentically wise. A venue where you can imagine long ball gowns amongst sports jackets and cigars. Where a show either led into great conversation, or an evening of dancing. Absolutely perfect for a TEDx event.

Wedge was honored to be invited to present as a TEDxLab. Between sessions of talks the crowd can stand, stretch, and connect while walking about the venue. Within this time period they are able to visit the different Labs that are presenting their ideas, inventions, or projects. It provides the opportunity to tell people of your mission one-on-one and allows others to directly engage in what you are doing.

So, we brought legos. A lot of Legos. We wanted to see how people would interact with them so we can continue to develop some ideas for future projects. If anything, though, getting out to interact with people and watch them play (or not play) is one of the best ways to spark ideas, or thoughts.

And that, really, is what TED and TEDx are all about. Sharing experiences and ideas to spark thoughts and create connections that will better the world in the future. And after TEDxDetroit, we can’t wait to see what that future has to hold.

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